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15 Shawwāl 1445
Martyrdom of Hamzah in the Battle of Uhud, 3 AH , website logo
مدرسة الواعظین

مدرسة الواعظین

Madrasatul Waizeen

Established Year

Madrasatul Wāizeen or Madrasat al-Wā'izin (College of Preachers), founded in 1919, is an old centre of Twelver Shia education in the city of Lucknow, India and it is well-known for the valuable manuscripts in its library. Many of the clerics attend this school after they finish their graduate educations in other Shia seminaries to strengthen their oratory and preaching skills.

Educational Program
Former Principals
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The seminary was originally founded May 19, 1919 by Maharaja Mohammad Ali Mohammad Khan of Mahmudabad in memory of his younger brother Sahibzada Mohammad Ali Ahmad Khan Sahib.


The goal of foundation of this seminary has been to train the clerics who finished their educations in other seminaries, to know more about rhetoric, debate and preaching.


Field of operations of this Madrasa has not been confined to India, but its missionaries have worked in Zanzibar, Uganda, Mombasa, Darussalam, Singapore, Shanghai.


The Madrasa has this annual event on the last week of every December, when everyone who is in any way related to this seminary participate in a 3-day conference and reports about what they do around the world, and they are also informed about the activities of the seminary during the last year. The place of the conference is different time to time.


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Educational Program

Madrasatul Waizeen is considered a higher Shia religious education, where the students learn high levels of Shia studies, specially jurisprudence and principle of jurisprudence, but also take some courses in preaching. The student of this seminary should pass a 3-year program of studying after which they should go for a journey of preaching for people in India or another country for two years, after which they would get the title of "wa'iz" (preacher).


Learning foreign languages such as Arabic, English, Farsi, etc, are obligatory for the students of Madrasatul Waizeen. The students also take some courses about other religions and denominations so they would become able to engage in interfaith dialogue and preaching for people of other faiths.

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The collections of the library of Madrasatul Waizeen include more than 20,000 books in print, and at least 1500 manuscripts.

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Former Principals

Khateeb e Azam Syed Sibte Hasan Naqvi

Ayatullah Syed Abul Hasan Naqvi

Allamah Adeel Akhtar Zaidi (from 1936 till his death in 1950) he served as the Second Principal of Madrasatul Waizeen, Lucknow

Ayatullah Syed Rahat Hussain Rizvi Gopalpuri died in 1955

Maulana Syed Ibne Hasan Nonaharvi (died on 25 March 1980)

Maulana Prof. Syed Shabihul Hasan Nonaharvi (died on 13 May 1998)

Maulana Syed Mohsin Rizvi Gopalpuri died in 2000

Maulana Syed Mohammad Waris Hasan Naqvi (died on 11 May 2008)

Maulana Mujtaba Ali Khan Adeebul Hindi Marhoom (vice-principal)

Maulana Urujul Hasan Meesum Honorary Principal of Madrasatul Waizeen, Lucknow


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